7.62mm GPMG / 0.50in HMG / 40mm GMG

Increased secondary weapon firepower. There is a requirement on the CVR(T) for a range of turret pintle mounted secondary weapons. There have been requests for greater firepower than the co-axial mounted 7.62mm GPMG, and where the 0.50in HMG has been installed, it has been found that arcs of fire have been restricted due to the length of the gun and turret roof layout. Early pintle mounts had no ballistic shielding.

Repaircraft PLC offer a range of LEU secondary weapon upgrade kits.

Options include 7.62mm GPMG / 0.50in HMG / 40mm GMG with a range of fixed swinging arm and sliding arm pintle mounts, air defence mounts and ballistic shields.

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